Some Advantages Of Screw Air Compressors

Screw compressors are usually available in two main designs: dry screw compressors or wet/oil-filled screw compressors. Both types of compressors consist of rotors that are tightly interconnected. 

The dry screw compressor has no oil between the screws. The dry screw compressor consists of two tightly coupled rotors mounted in cylinder bores with close clearances. You can also look for the best screw air compressors through various online sources.

Rotary Screw Air Compressor

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The oil-filled screw compressor also has a pair of tightly connected rotors mounted in the narrow bore of the cylinder; With oil-flooded screw compressors, the gap dimensions are not as narrow as that of dry screw compressors. 

Most screw compressors are of the oil type. There are two types – semi-hermetic and open drive type. With the former, the motor is located in the same housing as the compressor, with the latter, the motor is located outside the compressor housing and therefore requires a shaft seal. 

The only moving parts in a screw compressor are the two interlocking spiral rotors. The rotor consists of a male wing acting as a moving piston and a female groove acting as a cylinder.

The screw compressor requires very little maintenance because the rotor rotates at a conservative speed and is well lubricated with cooking oil.

The main advantage of screw compressors is that they allow high-pressure ratios to be achieved in one mode. To handle this large volume with a reciprocating compressor, a two-stage unit is required.

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