Solar Pool Covers

A solar pool cover is the best alternative to a pool heater. These pool covers can be a great way to save energy and heat by helping to reduce evaporation as well as nighttime heat loss. 

You might be surprised to know that solar pool covers are the best way to reduce your pool heating expenses. Solar pool covers act as a vapor barrier and reduces heat loss through evaporation. You can know more about pool covers from

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The sun heats outdoor pools by absorbing 75 to 85 percent of the solar energy that hits the pool’s surface. Solar pool covers trap heat in the pool and reduces heat loss by evaporation.

Although indoor pools are less susceptible to seasonal elements than outdoor pools, they still lose energy due to evaporation. 

The thermal bubble pool cover is the most common. This cover is very lightweight and can float on the surface of the pool. They are usually used in spring when the temperature of the pool and the air are significantly different.

Solar pool covers can save you a lot of energy by helping to conserve water, reduce chemical consumption, and reducing time spent cleaning the pool.

Solar pool covers are good for both your pool and the environment. Solar pool covers can reduce energy consumption and increase the heat in your pool. Solar pool covers can also be used to clean your pool by keeping dirt and debris out. Solar pool covers make your pool cleaner, more enjoyable, and warmer.

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