Reasons For Preferring E-hookah/e-cigarette Over Conventional Smoking

E-hookahs or even e-cigarettes, in the past couple of decades, have gained tremendous popularity as a substitute for traditional smoking that’s a cause of countless deaths around the world. 

After the user blows off on the e-hookah, the heating portion vaporizes the e-liquid or e-flavor thus generating flavored vapors which seem like smoke but unlike smoke that the vapors do not include carbon monoxide, tar, and the cancer-inducing substances of tobacco. 

Therefore e-hookahs are relatively safer and wholesome than traditional smoking. Based on the mechanics, you may pick from two kinds of e-hookah available on the market – rechargeable and disposable. 

Rechargeable e-hookahs come with rechargeable batteries up and hookah flavours could be reloaded. Disposable e-hookahs can not be recharged.  

Disposable hookahs generally endure 500-800 puffs. You have the choice of picking your favorite e-flavor of many available on the marketplace.  Why favor e-hookah/e-cigarette over traditional smoking?  

No bad breath – A lot of times that your non-smoker friends and peers could have left complained about bad breath caused because of smoking.  Among the biggest benefits of having an e-hookah is that it does not cause bad breath.  

In reality, with numerous e-liquid flavors such as mint, pineapple, and peach it can work as a mouth freshener.

No limitations  – Traditional smoking because of its own tobacco content and damaging consequences on others’ wellbeing isn’t permitted in public.  On the contrary, there’s not any such limitation on e-hookah.  

You can readily enjoy an e-hookah or even e-cigarette in areas like restaurants though it’s almost always a fantastic practice to request consent.

Alleviate withdrawal symptoms – Based on the findings of an internet poll, e-cigarettes are successful in relieving withdrawal symptoms and assist in stopping or diminishing the frequency of smoking. E-cigarettes do not include tobacco and pitch.

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