Methods To Improve User Experience Of Mobile Apps

With a huge variety in hardware combination it becomes very challenging for a mobile app developer to create a good UX. 

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Here are some ways that may help you to design a good app: 

Give Them Quick Access: When a user installs a mobile app, you can expect they have collected minimum information about the app already. So, wasting their time by a long splash screen and so many tips would just make them impatient. So, don’t mess up your first impression; give them faster access to the actual features.

Break Lengthy Screens: Packing so many fields into a single page and ask the user to scroll is really very irritating. Break such long screens into multiple screens and create separate tabs for them. It will make the task look simpler.

Sign Up and Customisation: Forcing the user to fill up the sign up form and going through the customisation process as soon as they open the app for the first time. It makes them irritated. So, why don’t you ask them just to register and remind them in future to customise the app for better result.

These are some points that help you to design mobile app user-friendly.

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