Medical Device Contract Manufacturers: Know The Facts

Contract manufacturing sounds like a difficult process, but with the help of Medical Device Contract Manufacturers, the process is made much easier. 

A medical device contract manufacturer, or MDCM, is a company that manufactures and distributes medical devices. You can also contact professionals for bioresorbable medical device contract manufacturing via

Medical device manufacturers know that it costs a lot to make and distribute their products. To help keep their costs down, companies often turn to contracts to manufacture. This means the manufacturer will provide the materials needed for manufacturing, but the actual production is done by an outside company. 

The contract manufacturer usually takes 60-40 of the total cost in return for branding the product with their logo and distributing it.

Ways to Cut Costs when Manufacturing Medical Devices

One of the top ways that medical device companies can cut costs when manufacturing their products is with the use of contract manufacturers. With this, they eliminate the need to invest in infrastructure, facilities, and staff. 

Contract manufacturers are often located in low-cost countries such as Pakistan and China. They also only manufacture a certain number of devices at one time due to capacity constraints.

Is FDA Approval Required?

To make sure they are following the regulations set by the FDA, medical device manufacturers must submit an electronic application through FDA’s electronic product registry. This can cost you thousands of dollars and take weeks or even months to process. However, if your company is manufacturing a certain type of medical devices, such as a pacemaker, this procedure is required.

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