Know All About Helium Balloons

Do you think that the fact that promotional latex balloons are printed when they are inflated. It's actually quite a difficult procedure. The balloons made of latex are filled by air and secured in clamps. The balloons are then tucked onto a screen that projects images nicely to the balloon.

After printing, the ink has to be completely dried before it is deflated. If it's deflated too quickly, the ink will remain wet for a long time and the balloons become stuck together. A printer that is automated can increase the inflation in the aftermath of printing to speed up drying. The balloons then are removed. You can also order helium balloons via

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The method of drying was not a problem at the beginning of time in the days when all balloons made from latex used to print were made using the referred to as offset. Offset printing employed rubber plates and rollers for the application of thin layers of ink on the balloons being inflated. In the end, the ink dried immediately. 

The printed copies looked good in flat form, however, after inflation, the ink began to fade. The demand for printing increased and in the process, the demand for higher quality came in, and screen printing became the normal process. Screens offer a more robust ink layer and top-class quality. The ink that is white on Black was made possible, however, it was not possible through offset.

The popularity of balloon printing for birthdays or weddings as well as corporate events was gaining popularity and so did the necessity to add accessories. Self-sealing valves became available because most people find that it was difficult to attach over 100 balloons.  


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