How To Install Terrazzo Stair Treads?

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your home, consider installing terrazzo stair treads. Terrazzo is a unique type of stone that’s made from crushed and polished marble or granite. It’s incredibly durable and looks amazing in both contemporary and traditional settings. Terrazzo stair treadsare available in a variety of colors and textures to match your staircases dcor. Select the right tread for your staircase and enjoy years of beautiful treads that will also protect your floors!

terrazzo stair treads

Here are some tips on choosing terrazzo stair treads:

– First, determine the type of flooring you have. Terrazzo stair treads work best on hardwood or other types of wood floors that are already in good condition. If your flooring isn’t already in good condition, it may be difficult to get the treads to look their best.

– Next, decide the size of the treads you want. Most terrazzo stair treads come in either a small or large size. The small size is most commonly used for stairs that are less than 10 feet long, while the large size is best for stairs that are 10 feet or longer.

– Finally, decide how you want the treads installed. You can either have them professionally installed, or you can do it yourself using a drill and screws.

Adding terrazzo stair treads to your home will give it a touch of luxury and class. It’s a great choice for both contemporary and traditional settings and can be installed using either professional installation or by yourself using a drill and screws.

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