Egypt Luxury Travel Packages

Egypt is the perfect destination to end your days of living in hostels and roughing it. This desert land is home to some of the most fascinating stories and mysteries in the world, along with five-star resorts, haute cuisine, sophisticated cruise lines, and other luxury accouterments.

You can travel to Egypt and be treated as a pharaoh, or revered queen, and you will also discover the best the Kalb ElommaElarabia (the heartland of Arab nations) has for you. You can also learn more about Egyptian luxury travel packages from the link

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Egypt is a top destination for historians, archeologists, and students from all walks of the globe. A savvy traveler can find its treasures at a price that suits almost any budget. You can take tours of Egypt's most famous pyramids as well as those of its lesser-known, less traveled, but equally amazing tombs. 

You will enjoy the benefits of Egyptian luxury travel. Five-star hotels and resorts in Egypt are a heaven of tranquility and indulgence. Le Meridien Pyramids is just minutes from Cairo's center, but it feels like a world away. From your luxury appointed suite, you can see the Great Sphinx as well as the Pyramids of Giza.

You will enjoy fine dining, exquisite spa treatments, breathtaking art, hardwood floors, and slippers. You will be compelled to rush to the 498 rooms once you enter the lobby. It boasts a waterfall, crystal chandeliers, and Oriental rugs.

Luxor and Aswan offer luxury cruises that take you on a floating tour of Egypt. You can feel like you are traveling back in time, as the Nile flows from one city to the next. Luxurious travel invites you to explore Egypt's heart, from the marvels of Alexandria to Cairo.

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