Does Your Business Use Letterheads? What Other Stationery Products Should Be Used?

Pre-printed letterheads are used by almost all businesses to present a professional image, provide customers with an extensive range of contact information, and ensure uniform business operations. 

Your business should recognize the advantages of letterhead paper and consider adding complementary stationery items to enhance the 'branded look. Continue reading this for the details in this article.

There are two other types of stationery that can help a company improve its branding and project a professional image

  • Continuation papers are the same as letterheads but have less information. While a letterhead would include all details about a company, such as its bus address, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, and website.

Continuation paper usually only prints the artwork. The continuation paper should be printed on the exact same quality paper as letterheads.

  • Custom-designed envelopes can be printed by professional printers just like letterheads. A custom-designed envelope will typically include the logo, colors, brand, and (possibly), a brief, catchy slogan. 

Customers and clients would find important mail easily if the envelope was clearly labeled. To create an impressive, professional, and professional image, the design should be consistent with the letterhead.

  • Compliment slips are used most often by businesses when a complete letter is not necessary but an acknowledgment is sufficient. These slips can be used when something urgently needs to be sent in the mail and it is not possible to write a complete letter. 

They would typically contain identical (or even identical) information and designs to the company's letterheads. The slips would have a small space in which to write a short message or the signature of an employee. Compliment slips are typically the same size as A4 paper but much smaller.


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