Charlotte Melasma Treatment is Simple Indeed

Melasma, literally means dark skin, is a general hyperpigmentation disorder that appears as stained skin, with dark chocolate that is seen in the body parts exposed to the sun. The skin condition does have some remedies like chemical peels that have shown positive results. Also known as the “mask of pregnancy,” Melasma is found across the face of most pregnant women, thus getting its name.

In addition to pregnancy, hyperpigmentation disorders can be found with an increase in estrogen levels (from KB pills, pregnancy, estrogen supplements, or other hormone reasons), causing too much Melanin production due to the creation of cells called melanocytes, and result in changes in uneven skin color. Read full article to know more about Melasma and its cure in detail.

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Care for hyperpigmentation disorders

Finding the cause of melasma is an important aspect of determining the best treatment options. Melasma care consists of the application of topical cream, laser, and chemical treatment. It is important for patients to wear sun protective clothing along with sunscreen to reduce the possibility of pigmentation changes that can be produced from UV light.

Important things to know before chemical peel

Chemical peel is more suitable for white and light-haired people. For dark-skinned people, the results of chemical peel depend on the type of problem being treated. People with bulges, sag on the skin, as well as wrinkles, do not effectively respond to chemical peel. For this skin condition, patients need to choose other cosmetic surgical procedures such as eyelid lifts, eyebrow lift, laser coating, or dermal fillers.

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