Building A Dog Box For The Truck

Truck cabin space is normally limited and very easy to do with dogs in the cabin while driving. The best solution is to secure the case of dogs behind the truck and safely deport pets to the chest. The following is a simple procedure for building good and healthy dog ​​crates. You can also find the “best dog transport box alu via” (also known as “beste Hundetransportbox alu via” in the German language).

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The first thing you need to do is choose a box design. Design depends on the size of the dog and space available in the truck. The box must take a little space, but at the same time feel comfortable for pets in it. The average box size must be 22 “high, 39” long, and width 24 “. In terms of design resources, there are many opinions such as the Internet, magazines, films, and more.

After the appropriate design is selected, the next step is to choose building materials. Aluminum is a good choice because it is light. Other metals & hard plastic are also considered good. If wood is used, it must hold the weather.

The box should have adequate ventilation. Small holes must be made on both sides of the box. There must be no hole at the top or bottom of the box, if not, water can enter. There must be a door on one side of the dog case to enter & exit safely.

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