Brief Overview of Board Batten Shutters

Making sure our homes are as comfortable and safe is the first priority of homeowners. Luckily, there are numerous products and services that make this easy to achieve. 

One of the most suitable products that could provide both comfort and security are board batten shutters (Also known as “ บานเกล็ดไม้กระดาน “ in the Thai language). 

How to Make Board and Batten Shutters | LiveAbode™

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These batten and board shutters have curve tops, which is a common design and feature of these kinds of shutters. They could also be available in two-five board designs which has both open spaced boards that are joined together.

These batten board shutters could be handy for any time of aesthetic design. They could easily match conventional style homes or even modern ones. With today’s innovative features and technology, these shutters are now made into much modern designs and materials.

Board batten shutters are now made of Vinyl, Cedar, painted composite, and Azek composite, which is unlikely from old shutter designed materials that are only made of plain wood. Now, these materials are more durable, functional, and safe.

These batten and board shutters are also suitable for any weather, which makes them very reliable. They could withstand hot or cold weather, and even windy and stormy weathers.

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