Benefits of Forest in the Ecosytem

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For population, economy and global environment to run perfectly, forest is known to play a massive role. Climate change and natural disasters have an impact on the forest but few of the richest biological areas on earth is represented by forest. Forest is also home to most of the animal and plant species that are found on earth. Moreover, forest plays a crucial role in providing food, raw materials and more. Here are additional benefits of forest you should be aware of.

  1. Climate Change and Natural Disasters – One of the key roles played by forest is the ability to have less impact at the time of change in climate. During such instances, the forest will store and capture more carbon, absorb more volumes of carbon dioxide. In fact, the trees that grow in the forest are capable of absorbing carbon along offer an opportunity to be used as wooden homes and furniture.
  2. Biodiversity – The diversity of life on earth is defined by the term called biodiversity. Forest is a part of biodiverse ecosystems on the planet comprising of 80 percent species of plants and animals. Due to the presence of forest, ecological balance like soil fertilization, pollination and seed dispersal take place.
  3. Economic Importance – Forest ecosystems offer numerous benefits allowing humans to survive based on the vegetation and animals found. Moreover, majority of medicines and pharmaceutical products are directly derived from the forest. Raw materials also like wood and paper are found from the forest for manufacturing industries. Gums, dyes and spices are additional products found in forest.

Along with these benefits, forest assessments are necessary.

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