Asbestos Causes these Diseases

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Asbestos is one of the materials that were extremely popular in the early days. This material helped the construction industry along with being used for making basic items like kitchen tools and utensils. However, the popularity of asbestos changed as it was revealed by experts that this material caused health diseases. If you’re wondering what those diseases are, here are the most dangerous ones.

  1. Lung Cancer – Smoking was probably the number one cause of lung cancer. However, that is not the case anymore as there are several factors that cause this disease. Asbestos is one of those factors since it is a dangerous material. This material when touched crumbles which then mixes with the atmosphere. After mixing with the atmosphere, it enters our body via the nose and mouth. This is a serious problem for workers working in the industries related to construction, milling, insulation and manufacturing. Few symptoms include blood while coughing, chest pains etc.
  2. Asbestosis – Asbestosis is known to be a rare and non-cancerous disease. Although non-cancerous, asbestosis is a painful disease. When an individual takes a breath, the lungs start to make a crackling sound that is extremely painful. Moreover, this contract has no cure or medicines.

These are the two diseases caused by asbestos. The best thing to do here is to not panic. Consider heading to a doctor to get a few tests done. The tests are related to the condition of the lungs but not for understanding the presence of asbestos. Also, you should consider hiring a professional that does the work of asbestos removal in Newcastle, NSW region.

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