All About The High-Performance Dual Exhaust Systems

Double-exhaust systems have become more common nowadays, in most cases adopted by manufacturers for both aesthetic and performance considerations. 

For the owner who wants to improve both the exhaust note and car performance, a good exhaust system of spare parts is the one that offers an improvement in performance and gives a car a more aggressive note. You can also try Holden Commodore VE SS to boost your car performance.

But with the purchasing audience becoming more sophisticated and competent over the years, manufacturers are forced to provide higher performance cars with each new iteration. Thus, cars such as the BMW M3 had started to sport quad-up exhausts, even when the M3 engine was still a six-cylinder engine. 

Below, a double exhaust system powered by three exhaust pipes, in turn, fed a silencer with exhaust ends at two ends. Seen at the back, the M3 of 2006 thus had quad exhaust pipes. From a performance point of view, quad pipes are not really necessary, as a size output is very size. 

But we can not deny that quad exhausts are really aggressive and sports. Starting with the V8 M5S (then with the V10), BMW was also considered appropriate to equip these rapid steering sedans with made available and quadruple exhaust tails.

For motor cars V, a double exhaust is a natural layout, because the engine configuration dictates that the exhaust ports are on the sides of the motor, on opposite ends. Here, the double exhaust is usually equipped with a cross pipe. 

In a street engine, the cross pipe is a necessity because it neutralizes the harmful effects of 2 cylinders of counter-pulling on opposite engine banks. The effects include the loss of torque and restricted high control power, two things that a performance spirit owner always aims to have more. 

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