A Guide To The Bengal Cat

These extremely intelligent large breed cats are full of life and always willing to play. However, their mischievous nature does not make them suitable for every household; They are best for active households with lots of space. You can also look for the best Bengal cats for sale in the UK through various websites.

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Fond of water and heights, this adventurous breed requires a lot of stimulation to endure, but in return, this talkative and affectionate breed will provide you with a lifetime of fun and fidelity.

Bengal cat history

The Asian leopard cat was discovered by Dr. Willard Centroule breeds domestic cats (starting with Abyssinians and Burmese) attempting to pass leopard immunity against feline leukemia to its docile cousin. Unfortunately, the resistance was not passed on to the first generation. Bengals are now considered domestic cats, and all Bengals purchased must be removed from all bloodlines for at least four generations.

It is also believed that the evolution of the breed was an attempt to prevent people from buying feral cats as pets and to prevent them from wearing fur. 

Bengal cat appearance

Athletic, agile, and graceful are the best ways to describe a Bengal. The "wildest" domestic cat breed with a strong muscular build and luxurious leopard skin. The breed comes in a variety of colors and patterns, including Seal Mink Tabby, Brown Tabby, Black Silver Tabby, and Silver Lynx Print. Feathers appear randomly or in a horizontal pattern.

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